A cogeneration unit generates heat and electricity simultaneously.

Hence the abbreviation CHP for “combined heat and power”. This solution yields huge energy savings compared with conventional production facilities (furnaces/boilers and electric power plants).

How is that possible?

All the heat that is usually lost in the conversion of primary energy to electricity is recovered to heat the building or to provide domestic hot water (DHW). Most of the electricity that is generated is used on site. That avoids line losses in long distance transmission and does away with electricity distribution costs.
This innovative solution can run on natural gas


Do you have a collective heating system?
Are your energy bills too high?
Are you having trouble meeting the new energy standards?

The electricity price is in constant rise. The government is setting new standards every year, also for existing buildings.

We provide you with a solution thanks to our little but efficient energy plants. We install these “cogenerations” in your building where we locally generate electricity and heath. Because of the efficiency of our cogenerations and the way we integrate them with the existing installations, we can provide this energy cheaper than energy from the grid. We also remotely monitor our installations which guarantees the highest possible savings on your energy bill and the fastest interventions if this would be necessary.

No additional investments

Discount on your energy bill

Smaller ecological footprint

We take all the risks

Together with the cogeneration we offer these options:

EV loading solution for buildings

Energy cost allocation service for buildings

Energy accountancy

Can I get cogeneration in our building and what’s next?

I’m a syndic with a portfolio in Brussels OR
I’m in the association of co-owners of a building in brussels with 20 appartements or more?

What can we mean for you

  • Free screening of your portfolio / building
  • Energy accounting
  • Together with you we start the project

  1. Send your energy data + building data
  2. We will analyze on site
  3. Quote
  4. Delivery 4 months after agreement of the General Assembly



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