Unique all-in formula for the installation, maintenance, and financing of your heat pump.

Noven Home is a unique formula that allows you to have a heat pump installed in your home at no extra cost. This way you choose a sustainable heating solution that is ready for the future.

“he big advantage of a heat pump is that is consumes less, so it’s more economical for your wallet!”

“A sustainable and future-proof energy system without large additional investments.”

What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are an efficient solution for providing buildings with fossil-free heat and, in summer, with the additional comfort of passive cooling. We make this financially feasible by renting out the heat pump for a fixed monthly fee, which is less than the savings realized.

A sustainable home for a fixed low amount per month, without worries.


More comfort thanks to passive cooling


Peace of mind thanks to our omnium guarantee


A smaller ecological footprint and fossil-free


And a lower energy cost

“Noven takes care of the design and installation of the geothermal drilling and the heat pump in your home. We start from a detailed assessment of your needs to select the right system and to ensure the lowest energy cost.”